British granny tart enjoying some three-way sex!

This amateur brunette milf gets more than she hoped for when she goes around to the studio to have a three-way with these horny twat starved oldies. They had heard from their friends that she is a goddess at sucking cocks and so they wanted their retirement to come with a bang so they volunteer to be her fuck buddies when they see she had made a booking with the granny fucking team. When they arrive she doesn’t take too much convincing with doing it with two guys and before she knows it, she’s sitting in the middle on a chair taking a line-up of dirty old mens dicks, sucking the youth back in whilst she caressed their balls.

After licking their cocks, she then had them giving her some of the pleasure as the one sucks her nipples whilst the other licks her clit making her  moan with joy. Watch as she then gets spit roasted by the old fuckers for several minutes, when they shove one cock in her dripping wet cunt whilst another put his in her mouth, all pounding and moaning with ecstasy. A few moments later, she then continues sucking their members before allowing them to shoot their cock juice in her mouth that she happily swallows without any hesitation!

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